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Ground Vibration Monitoring

Get the full environmental picture with comprehensive noise and vibration data 

Whether you work in heavy industry, transport and logistics or construction, noise and ground vibration are key environmental impacts that you need to monitor and control. It's vital that if you work in an industry that creates lots of ground vibration, you understand the levels you're creating and the impact it may have on nearby residences or businesses regarding nuisance vibration or building damage.

Using a bolt-on module, Quantum Outdoor can be configured to measure ground vibration levels as peak particle velocity (PPV) in millimetres per second (mm/s). The highly accurate and sensitive seismograph measures the movement of molecular particles within the ground, providing reliable ground vibration data directly alongside your environmental noise readings.

With instant access to ground vibration data, Quantum Outdoor provides you with a greater level of control and transparency over your environmental impacts, allowing you to respond in real time and make effective decisions when it comes to mitigation. Connected to the cloud via MyCirrus, Quantum Outdoor sends all measurement data directly to the Quantum Portal where it can be viewed, analysed and reported on.

Key applications
Quantum Outdoor can work in any environment for any industry

Unattended, long-term remote noise and ground vibration monitoring for:

Construction and demolition
Transport and logistics

Power generation and renewables
Smart cities

Remote ground vibration and environmental noise monitoring 
Quantum Outdoor provides comprehensive environmental noise measurements

Key features at a glance

  • 24/7 real-time sound level monitoring, so you will never miss a thing
  • Seismograph measures ground molecule movement as PPV in mm/s
  • Secure data access through the Quantum Portal anytime, and on any device (mobile, tablet, PC)
  • Automated real-time alerts if a decibel trigger level is reached or exceeded, so you can stay in control and take corrective action before a non-compliance is issued
  • System Integrity Check (SiC); the SiC performs a system health check so you can have complete confidence in your measurements without needing to carry out site visits
  • Audio event recording and frequency measurement to help you identify the sources of the noise
  • Cloud-connected instruments create a network of monitors at specific site locations, or around the world
  • Map and floorplan uploads to your online account, so you can quickly identify problem hotspots
  • Flexible power options
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