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The Quantum Outdoor - Cloud-based Environmental Monitor

The Quantum Outdoor noise monitor is a powerful outdoor noise monitor with built-in cloud connectivity, ideal for long-term unattended noise monitoring applications. It offers a complete noise monitoring solution by offering all the benefits of remote 24/7 noise monitoring and seeing noise level data on the MyCirrus cloud platform anytime, anywhere.


Besides the world-leading noise measurement technology from Cirrus Research, the Quantum Outdoor noise monitor is equipped to simultaneously measure dust, gaseous pollutants, and vibration, together with weather, wind speed and direction.


Whoever you are, it's whatever you want it to be

API Key Management
Webhooks Screen

Unlock a world of limitless possibilities with The Quantum API – your one-stop solution for real-time noise, environmental, and vibration data. Transform raw data into actionable insights, enhancing the way you understand and interact with the world around you.

Quote Marks

"With our Open API, effortlessly access and integrate real-time noise, vibration, and environmental data into your applications, ensuring enhanced decision-making, innovation, and a broader understanding of the dynamic world around us"

Mark Swale / Engineering Manager & Chief Engineer, Cirrus Research plc

Now compatible with the Trolex Air XDi Dust Monitor

The Quantum Outdoor Noise Monitor seamlessly integrates with the Trolex Air XDi Dust Monitor, opening up a world of possibilities for real-time dust monitoring. Unlike many dust monitors that struggle in high dust environments, the Air XDi is purpose-built to excel in the most challenging conditions. 

The Trolex Air XDi monitors continuously and in real-time for every dust particle from 0.38 µm to 40 µm. With no filters or pumps, Air XDi is the most robust and comprehensive dust monitor for your people and your business without the high costs and the hassle.


Instrument Focus View - all your data in one place

All Your Data In One Place With Instrument Focus

Discover a new level of instrument control and data access with the new Instrument Focus View. Explore a streamlined full-page view that allows you to effortlessly focus on a specific instrument.


With the Instrument Focus view, all of an instrument's noise, weather, air quality and ground vibration is displayed simultaneously, allowing you to find all the information you need with a simple glance. Seamlessly access live data, examine the last 24 hours of data, and easily manage instrument settings and health statistics. 


Event Quick View - delve deeper into your events

Simplified Events Analysis

Delve deeper into event details by clicking an event marker on the Time History view. From the Event Quick View, you'll have access to a wealth of information about the event. With the Quantum 2.3 update, effortlessly investigate events by playing back associated audio directly from the Event Quick View screen, allowing you to pinpoint and attribute the event source swiftly.


A new look - your portal, your way

Reduce glare with the new Dark Mode
Improved Visibility With Dynamic Scaling
Reduce glare with the new Dark Mode

Introducing Dark Mode, designed to reduce glare for a more comfortable screen experience and enhanced battery efficiency on mobile devices.


Improved visibility with Dynamic Scaling
We've introduced a brand-new feature designed to enhance your data visualization experience. You can now enjoy enhanced control and precision with the Dynamic Scaling function, available for live, time history, and measurement graphs.

Add new instruments with ease
Adding new instruments to your Quantum portal has never been easier. With the 2.3 update, we have introduced a guided 'Add Instrument' screen designed to walk you through all the steps involved in setting up your new instruments.


Customise your portal with your company logo
At Cirrus Research, our customers always come first. That's why we're happy to announce that you can now customise your account to display your organisation's logo, adding a touch of personalisation and professionalism to your Quantum experience.