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Remote Noise Monitoring

Cloud-Connectivity with MyCirrus

Cirrus Research provides a range of remote noise monitoring solutions with cloud connectivity to make long-term unmanned noise measurement easier than ever before.

With three distinct cloud-connected remote noise monitoring solutions available in our range, we can meet all your needs and those of your business with minimal effort, ensuring you get all the data you need to protect your business's reputation, the environment, and your employees' hearing, health and wellbeing. 

Powered by our intuitive cloud platform, MyCirrus, you can have complete control over your noise monitoring equipment. From checking live data and reporting on historical measurements to accessing digital calibration certificates and managing user access, MyCirrus provides a comprehensive solution to remote noise monitoring for any industry and application.

Cloud-connected noise monitoring solutions
Meet the products in our cloud-connected range, powered by MyCirrus

The Environmental Noise Monitoring Kit from Cirrus Research

Environmental Noise Measurement Kit

Portable, flexible and reliable outdoor noise measurements

The Environmental Noise Measurement Kit is an add-on outdoor kit for the Optimus+ Green handheld sound level meter. This comprehensive kit allows your handheld sound level meter to be used in outdoor environments on either a medium- or long-term basis.

The Quantum Indoor cloud-connected noise monitor

Quantum Indoor
Noise Monitor

24/7 noise monitoring for any indoor environment

Quantum Indoor is a permanently installed noise monitor, perfect for any indoor environment. Capturing all the data required for occupational noise measurements, Quantum Indoor provides a constant ear to the ground and can help you stay in control of the noise levels within your workplace.

The Quantum Outdoor cloud-connected noise monitor

Quantum Outdoor
Environmental Monitor

Get the full picture of your environmental impact

Quantum Outdoor is a comprehensive environmental condition monitoring solution, providing accurate data for noise, weather, gases and particulates, and vibration. With Quantum Outdoor, you'll only ever need one system to get the complete picture of your environmental impact.