Sound Solutions for Mining Operations

Protect workers and communities

Noise from mining operations can affect both employees and the surrounding environment, with the same noise sources contributing to both occupational and environmental noise. Protect your workers hearing, ensure compliance with occupational noise regulations, reduce the number of community noise complaints and ensure you're compliant with noise regulations and permits by choosing Cirrus Research.

We've put together a flyer that discusses the importance of monitoring noise at your mining site and gives a brief description of the solutions that we can provide. Download this flyer today and always be in the know about the noise on your site!

Here are just some of the solutions we recommend for measuring and monitoring noise in mining operations

The Intrinsically Safe doseBadge

Understand the personal noise exposure experienced by your team

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  • Measure and stores all essential noise at work parameters.
  • Tamper-proof with no external controls, cables or displays.
  • Intrinsically safe for use in hazardous and explosive atmospheres such as underground mines
  • Ideal for personal noise exposure monitoring in industrial environments, such as construction sites, power plants, mines, oil platforms and manufacturing plants.

The Quantum Outdoor

Cloud-Based , dependable and user-friendly

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  • Stay in the know with the My Cirrus App, notified whenever a trigger happens.
  • Monitor all of your environmental impacts with one device, including noise, weather, gas & particulates, and ground-bourne vibration.
  • Data is accessible at any time and any location, from any device with the My Cirrus App.

Easy to use and set up

You don’t have to spend all your time trying to set up your instruments. Just plug-in, calibrate and press start.


15-year no-quibble warranty

All Cirrus Research instruments are protected against accidental damage for 15 years.


Detailed analysis and reporting

Get a full picture of the noise, allowing you to produce detailed reports for key stakeholders.


Remote monitoring options available

Save time and avoid the requirement to be on-site with remote noise monitoring solutions.


Data you can trust

Cirrus Research instruments are built to international acoustics standards.


Made in the UK

All Cirrus Research instruments are designed, manufactured and supported in the UK.

Are you ready to start protecting people and the environment from excessive noise? Talk to our Noise Experts today!