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Acoustic calibration from Cirrus Research

Our 5 star-rated acoustic calibration laboratory offers a 3-day turnaround service for all makes and models of sound and occupational vibration instruments so you can rely on your equipment to give you the accuracy you need when you need it.

 We offer both UKAS-accredited and traceable calibration services. We test every single component of your instrument both acoustically and electronically, and every parameter is verified against international standards to assure you your meters remain compliant with legislation and best practice.

Cirrus Research can calibrate any make or model of instruments including:

  • Sound level meters
  • Noise dosimeters
  • Acoustic calibrators
  • Environmental noise monitors
  • Vibration meters 

Including models made by Casella, Svantek, Castle Group, Norsonic, and Bruel and Kjaer and many more manufacturers.


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Why choose Cirrus Research for your calibration?

  • Calibration of noise measurement instruments from any manufacturer
  • Three working day turnaround*
  • No hidden costs with our fixed prices
  • Choose between standard traceable and UKAS-accredited calibration
  • Convenient instrument collection and return service
  • Calibration certificates are issued every time
  • Prices include updates to firmware, repairs, and any adjustments required**
  • Extend your Cirrus Research warranty, up to 15 years**
  • Specially-equipped and purpose-built acoustic calibration laboratory accredited by UKAS that meets the ISO 17025 standard

What happens to your instrument during calibration?

Once your instrument has arrived with us we:

  • test every single component of your instrument both acoustically and electronically
  • replace any batteries that are old
  • make sure it’s running the latest versions of our software**
  • carry out minor repairs (we’ll contact you if anything significant is found in case it delays us getting it back to you)
  • issue a new calibration certificate
  • give it a final clean and polish and carefully repackage it to send it back to you.

Ever wondered what happens to your instrument when it's being calibrated? Well wonder no more, watch our video to find out about the calibration journey


*Our turnaround is three days from arrival at Cirrus Research. If your equipment needs any repairs, it may take us a little longer, but we’ll always tell you if this is the case. 
**Cirrus Research models only.

What about UKAS-accredited calibration?


Our calibration laboratory has been independently audited and accredited to carry out UKAS-accredited calibrations. 

This means we have been independently audited and subsequently accredited as providing accurate measurement and traceable calibration to the highest UK and international standards. 

UKAS-accredited calibration offers the following additional benefits to our customers:

  • Increased accuracy: UKAS-accredited calibration ensures that your instruments are calibrated to the highest possible standards, guaranteeing the accuracy of your measurements
  • International standards: 
    Many countries have their own national accreditation bodies and standards, however, UKAS-accredited calibration certificates are recognised worldwide
  • Legal credibility: UKAS-accredited calibration can be essential in cases where the credibility and reliability of the evidence may be challenged

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